This year we’re thrilled to celebrate Women in Construction Week by showcasing the talented women who make up our organization and industry. Meet Emily Sjobeck, Kat, Lauren, and Anna, Engineers and Field Technicians at Braun Intertec!

Years in the industry?


What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

We all love the many sites we get to visit each day, but Lauren’s favorite site is the FedEx warehouse in Rosemount, MN where she was able to see a golf course turn into a quarter-mile-long slipping and receiving building (she did all of the soil and concrete testing for over a year and a half!). Emily’s favorite site is North Loop Green, the skyscraper that overlooks the twins stadium in Minneapolis, MN, where she was able to see a 37-story building go from footings to standing at the top and being able to watch a Twins game from the sky! Anna’s favorite is The Standard at Dinkytown in Minneapolis, MN where she was able to learn about floating slabs and the effect the water table has on our construction sites and Kat’s favorite site is the Ford project in St. Paul, MN, where she was able to press the trigger to blast bedrock in a shale bedrock soil area.

How did you get started in the construction industry?

Lauren loves the industry for its collaboration and the ability to learn something new every day. Kat loved the outdoors and took an introduction to engineering class in college and never looked back. Emily always loved the construction atmosphere and the people she met in the field.

Why is it important to celebrate women in construction?

It is so important to recognize the strong women who are pushing this industry forward. At Braun Intertec, we’re gathering together to raise each other up and break those gender barriers in this industry, and we are all proud to work for a diverse company that has so many women to make this possible!