Student Outreach

April 26, 2023 | 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM | Graduate Minneapolis

Join us for a fun-filled day of networking with industry leaders, engaging in competitive & developmental activities and winning cash prizes! LTA is the chance for students to advance their professional development, build long-lasting relationships, collaborate with the community, and explore new opportunities. With a jam-packed schedule, students leave with strategic takeaways and connections to pave the way for their future success.

Location: Graduate Minneapolis, 615 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Industry Professional – Member – $75
Industry Professional – Nonmember – $100

Students $25
Faculty $50

 Schedule Overview
 Future Leaders Competition will take place during this schedule, students will be assigned times after registration.
7:15–8:00 am Check-In and Onsite Registration
8:00–8:35 am Opening Remarks & Networking Kick-off Challenge
8:45–9:45 am
Education Session #1 – Networking 101: Find the Spark
9:45–10:15 am  Break
10:15–11:15 am Education Session #2 – Improving Employee Engagement, Growth, and Retention
11:15–11:45 am Break
11:45 am–12:45 pm Lunch
1:00–2:00 pm Keynote Speaker: Jay Gubrud
2:00–2:30 pm Awards Ceremony
 Future Leaders Challenge Event Schedule
Actual end time will depend on the number of students signed up for each event.
8:15 am–12:15 pm Pursuit Competition (30-minute sessions)
9:30–11:30 am  Negotiation Competition (20-minute sessions)
8:40 am–11:40 am Job Interview (15-minute sessions)
9:15–11:45 am Freeform Presentation (10-minute sessions)
9:30–11:30 am   Table Topics Event (10-minute sessions)
8:45 am–11:45 am Leadership Lounge Presentations

As a sponsor you can help make the Leadership Training Academy a memorable event for our future industry professionals! Become a sponsor today!

General Sponsorships

  • Event/Keynote Sponsor – $5,000
  • Platinum Sponsor – SOLD OUT!
  • Gold Sponsor – $1,100
  • AV Sponsor – $900
  • App Sponsor – $750
  • Silver Sponsor – $550
  • Lunch Sponsor – $400
  • Bronze Sponsor – $300
  • Coffee Break Sponsor – $250
  • Supporter – $150

Construct*ium Future Leaders Challenge Sponsorships

(Limited to 1 company for each competition)

  • Freeform Presentation Competition – SOLD!
  • Job Interview – SOLD!
  • Leadership Lounge – SOLD!
  • Negotiation Competition – SOLD!
  • Pursuit Competition – SOLD!
  • Table Topics Competition – SOLD!

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Company logo displayed during the presentations
  • Recognition on the MCA and Construct*ium websites
  • Company name announced during the presentations
  • Recognition in MCA’s Construction Views Newsletter and email promotions
  • Each company sponsoring at a level of $2,500 or higher has the opportunity to have an emerging professional from their company present for 15-minutes on a leadership topic during the Leadership Lounge.  Only available to sponsors who have paid by March 1, 2023. Presenting companies will also have a virtual booth where their presenter can engage with attendees and answer any additional questions.  Participating companies must attend a preparation session that will be held a month before the event date TBD.
  • One (1) ad in MCA’s Construction Views Newsletter based on sponsorship level:
    • Future Leaders Challenge, Event & Platinum Sponsors – 1 full-page ad (value $300)
    • Gold Sponsors – 1/3-page ad (value $125)
    • Silver Sponsors – 1/9-page ad (value $75)
  • Complimentary registrations to the event based on sponsorship level:
    • Event/Keynote Sponsor – 5 registrations
    • Platinum Sponsors – 3 registrations
    • Gold Sponsors – 2 registrations
    • Silver Sponsors – 1 registration
    • Lunch Sponsor- 1 registration
    • AV Sponsor – 1 registration
    • App Sponsor – 1 registration
Future Leaders Challenge Events

Each student attending the Leadership Academy must participate in at least one event in the Future Leaders Challenge. Event timeslots will be assigned by MCA staff and emailed to students the week before the event.


Freeform Presentation Competition

Focused on talking points and engagement with the audience

Sponsored by Rochon

The Freeform Presentation provides students the opportunity to present on a topic of their choice within the construction industry. Presentation materials and visual aids are encouraged but not required for the competition. This informal style presentation focuses on the student’s engagement and interaction with the audience, knowledge of talking points, and a professional approach. Each presentation will be approximately 5-7 minutes.  *Students will need to bring a PPT on a flash drive.

Job Interview

Interviewing skills developmental experience

Sponsored by Kraus-Anderson

This event involves two parts: A resume review and a mock interview (students must bring a resume with them to the event to receive resume feedback). The mock interview, conducted by a construction professional experienced in interviewing, allows the student to participate in a real job interview and receive actionable, on the spot, feedback. The student can expect to be asked real life behavioral based interview questions like those they will answer when interviewing for a job. Feedback will revolve around how well they presented themselves physically and verbally as well as how they used real life examples to demonstrate experience or proficiency in a particular skill or competency.

Check out MCA’s guide How to Ace Your Job Interview for tips and to help you prepare for this competition.


Leadership Lounge
Sponsored by OECS

The leadership lounge will provide small group networking and learning opportunities for young professionals and students in between their scheduled competitions and/or general session presentations. Students are encouraged to bring copies of their resumes to share with the companies in the leadership lounge area.

Negotiation Skills Competition

Real-world construction claim with multiple perspectives and feedback

Sponsored by Adolfson & Peterson Construction

This competition provides students a real-life opportunity to improve their skills on negotiating. Prior to the event, students registered will be given detailed information about the construction claim – a list of parties involved, a copy of the contracts, and foundation of the claim. Details of the claim will be drawn at random during the competition and be used as the topic of negotiation. Each student will be given a role and will need to defend and negotiate the best outcome based on the detail being discussed. View the Negotiation Exercise.

The Pursuit

Create and present a complete proposal to win the contract for a real project
Sponsored by Ryan Companies

The Pursuit (formerly the Capstone Competition) challenges students to create and present a complete proposal to win the contract for a real project. Groups of 5-6 students will be required to submit qualifications, cost, schedule and project work plans for the project and present to a jury of professionals, who will judge and select the winners. Please note, there is no “day of” registration for this competition. Teams need to be pre-selected from each school to participate.

Table Topics

Thinking on your feet, public speaking developmental experience

Sponsored by Arthur, Chapman, Kettering, Smetak & Pikala, P.A.

Using the Toastmaster format, students will be provided a topic and will speak for 1-2 minutes about that topic. The topics will generally be construction related and will provide the student an opportunity to demonstrate some knowledge of the topic in an organized and concise manner. Students will receive feedback on their ability to think on their feet and clearly articulate their thoughts in the time allotted.

Keynote & Panel Presentations

Networking used to be taken for granted, the pandemic changed all that. Now that we are finally able to gather again, you may be feeling a little rusty or anxious about connecting with others.

“Being a Connector” is about strengthening relationships and contributing to the success of people you meet. It is a form of networking that has the other person’s best interest in mind. At the same time, it can bring you immense satisfaction, increase your visibility, advance your career and transfer important knowledge to those around you.

Being a connector is a simple yet powerful process that most people do whether they realize it or not. Some do it well and others will want to do it even better. During these sessions, we will be mastering “connecting” during all three programs today.


  1. Education Session #1 – Networking 101: Find the Spark
    1. Avoid the top 2 mistakes when networking.
    2. Understand the #1 thing other people value most.
  2. Education Session #2 – Improving Employee Engagement, Growth, and Retention
    1. Learn ways to improve employee engagement, growth, and retention
    2. Learn tips from industry experts- seasoned professionals and early in their career.
    3. Hear about success stories.
  3. Keynote Speaker: Jay Gubrud – Be a Connector
    1. Understand the many benefits of connecting.
    2. Discover the 3 essential keys to being a successful connector.
    3. Find out how to keep the connection alive over time.

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