Student Outreach – Businesses

Are you a professional in the industry and want to help students? Become a mentor with MCA!

In January 2020, Construct*ium set out to reboot the Mentorship Program with our collegiate partners. Construct*ium was able to partner with the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and their CCAPS Program. This turned out to be a great, already established, program that the MCA could help provide the needed mentors to their construction program students. We will continue to be part of that group and hope to have more mentors available this year.

As we look into the school year 22-23 and beyond, the MCA is looking to grow the program and partner with our other campus partners. The goal is to help be a support system for the campuses that already have mentorship programs and help those who do not have programs already in place.

If you are interested in joining the program please reach out to Eric Quam at or fill out the application below.

Why Mentor?

Benefits to You

  • One-on-one, matched coaching with a Mentee.
  • Multiple networking opportunities with other industry professionals via group events and social hours.
  • Aid in the further advancement of your own soft skills by mentoring and coaching.
  • Aid in the professional development of a current student.
  • Learn about current collegiate curriculums and what the current generation student is learning in class.

Expectations of You

  • Full school year commitment (Fall and Spring Semester).
  • Spend an average of 2-4 hours a month interacting with your Mentee: Comprised of face-to-face, E-mail and phone correspondence.
  • At least (1) site visit per semester with your Mentee. (if available)
  • At least (1) Job Shadowing opportunity with your Mentee. (If available, actual job shadowing is subject
    to the Mentor’s company discretion.)
  • Have fun! This program is what you and your mentee make of it. This is a chance for them to gain real-world experience and for you to make a difference.
Mentorship Application