This year we’re thrilled to celebrate Women in Construction Week by showcasing the talented women who make up our organization and industry. Meet Bri Ana Vogel, Talent Acquisition Manager at Veit!

Years in the industry?


What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

As a Talent Acquisition professional, I have come across more resumes than job sites. However, my most cherished construction project is the one that my father and I worked on together. My father retired from the trades with a dream of creating the ultimate wildlife habitat for our family and wildlife to enjoy. With the purchase of a 312 excavator, a tandem-axel Freightliner dump truck, and a 914 loader, his dream began to take shape quite literally. Our family spent many evenings and weekends helping my dad with the project and dreaming about the end results. During this time, I discovered that my skills in HR far outweigh my skills as a loader operator, which earned me the nickname “Half Scoop.” Thanks to my dad’s perseverance and some luck, the project, which involved creating almost 8 acres of open water in two separate lakes, was completed in 2021.

How did you get started in the construction industry?

I found myself in the construction industry by chance. It wasn’t long before I met a mentor who recognized my potential and provided guidance that shaped my career. Now, I’m in love with the industry and am committed to paying it forward by empowering others to reach their potential.

Why is it important to celebrate women in construction?

I’m passionate about encouraging the next generation to join our industry. Men and women alike, this industry has a place for everyone. A respected leader I used to work with used to say, “How did you use your powers for good today?” I think it’s important we ask ourselves this each and every day.