This year we’re thrilled to celebrate Women in Construction Week by showcasing the talented women who make up our organization and industry. Meet Anne Behrendt, Chief Executive Officer & Principal at Doran Companies!

Years in the industry?


What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

All of our projects have been my favorite in their own unique way. As a fully integrated company involved in development, architecture, and construction, I’m fortunate to be engaged at every step of the process and enjoy collaborative problem-solving across all departments. Each project presents challenges and opportunities, contributing to a fulfilling and diverse experience.

How did you get started in the construction industry?

After earning my law degree, I spent several years in private practice working on real estate and construction transactions and litigation cases. In 2011, I transitioned to in-house counsel at Doran and eventually, I took on a more significant role within the company as CEO and majority owner.

How are you celebrating WIC Week?

We highlight our WIC Week celebrations in various ways, and I genuinely enjoy seeing them come together creatively to feature our team members. From employee spotlights to social media campaigns, we ensure that women in our organization feel seen and valued.