Years in the industry?


What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

I would say Seton Village & Flynntown Bridge project. This project is located on Saint John’s University campus in St. Joseph, MN. At this project, we demolished five student residential buildings to build new townhouses for students and a pedestrian bridge for their convenient connection over Stumpf Lake. I love this project because I had a great opportunity to work with different people and the project was exciting all the time! There were several key milestones that interested me, such as demolition, bridge installation, and townhouse construction. What can be more exciting and rewarding than building for the next generation of students on the Saint John’s University campus?!

How did you get started in the construction industry?

My passion for engineering started when I was a kid. I majored in mathematics and physics and my interest in designing helped me to get into engineering school. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering; I enjoyed designing, but I always had concerns about constructability.

How are you celebrating Women in Construction Week?

The LS Black nomination helped me see how far I made it so far. I’ll reach out to my other women colleagues to celebrate them as well. Some have not been in operations, but always supported us for what we are doing. I’ll probably schedule a lunch with them – that would be a great idea!