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Benjamin Jo VandenWymelenberg

Founder & CEO – Woodchuck USA

A self-made serial entrepreneur, Benjamin Jo VandenWymelenberg, has started multiple multi-million dollar companies. He had no idea how to start a business before he constructed a homemade wooden case for his iPhone. Within six months, it was selling nationwide in Target and Best Buy stores. Ben is founder and CEO of WOODCHUCK USA, a customized wood products manufacturing company, which promotes a “BUY ONE, PLANT ONE” philosophy. He’s planted millions of trees on six continents and has made measurable positive environmental impact on all seven. Ben is dedicated to showing the world how we all can make a difference by putting our best ideas into action. His most recent book, THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR F*CKING IDEAS (2019) is a 9x Amazon bestseller, has been published in 5 different languages, and helps break down the initial barriers for those looking to take action and start their world changing ideas.

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