Dedicated to Student Outreach

Who works in the BUILT ENVIRONMENT?

What do people really do in architecture, engineering and construction?
We set out to provide a broad-brush sample for anyone to learn about the broad opportunities that exist for all types of people in architecture, engineering and construction.  The built environment is STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) in real life!

Welcome new professionals to the BUILT ENVIRONMENT!

It’s that time of year, when students close the chapter of their academic pursuits and begin to write the chapters of their professional lives.  There is a lot to learn when becoming a part of the vast and dynamic world of the built environment.

To help, we put together a video of #1 tips for someone new in architecture, engineering and construction.  Check it out here!

We love to collaborate, please feel free to download and use this video to help the new people in your organizations.

Mat Boie and Brett Grendahl sharing about how students can grow their careers
​at the Pentathlon in April 2018